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Your Teenager
Harris Martha

Karnac Books
Child and Adolescent Studies
Price: £21.38 Published: 2007 Synopsis  Thinking About Your Child During the Secondary School Years The "Teenager" books by Martha Harris, originally published in 1969, take a similar approach to her long-term bestseller "Thinking about Infants and Young Children". Rooted vividly in the practicalities of everyday situations, the educational focus is on helping parents use constructively the turbulent...
Working with Parents and Infants. A Mind-Body Integration Approach
Sansone Antonella

Karnac Books
Child and Adolescent Studies
Price: £18.99 Si può acquistare direttamente alla Karnac Booksal prezzo di £18.04 Published: 2007 SynopsisThe book examines the field of early emotions and the fact that the human body has frequently been excluded from psychological and relational processes. The widely held view that any illness or difficulty should be classified as either 'mental' or 'physical' has long been predominant. Central...
Words and Symbols. Language and Communication in Therapy
Barden Nicola, Williams Tina

Karnac Books
Price: £17.99 Published: 2007 SynopsisWhat lies behind the language we use as counsellors and psychotherapists? How does language fit into a therapeutic context? Can we truly say what we mean, and hear what is said, in the consulting room? This book takes apart, lays out and repositions the most basic of therapeutic tools - the language used to communicate between therapist and client. It begins with...
Woodoo e incantamento d'amore.
Massimo Adolfo Caponeri

Come il precedente "Sei ore della vita di Giulio" anche "Incantamento d'amore" è un romanzo dell'altrove, un viaggio introspettivo attraverso luoghi e paesi, la cui descrizione oggettiva e particolareggiata abita accanto a una narrazione onirica, epica e fantasmagorica. "Woodoo" ha un andamento circolare (come già nel romanzo precedente) dove fine e inizio continuamente s'incontrano, nell'evanescenza...
Why do People get ill?
Leader Darian, Corfield David

Karnac Books
Price: £16.99 Published: 2007 SynopsisHave you ever wondered why people get ill when they do? How does the mind affect the body? Why does modern medicine seem to have so little interest in the unconscious processes that can make us fall ill? And what, if anything, can we do about it? "Why Do People Get Ill?" lucidly explores the relationship between our minds and our bodies. Containing remarkable...
Who Is It That Can Tell Me Who I Am? The Journal of a Psychotherapist
Haynes Jane

Karnac Books
Analytical Psychology
Price: £12.99 Published: 2007 Synopsis Jane Haynes originally worked as an actress at the Royal Court Theatre. After she met R.D. Laing and read his book "The Divided Self" she gave up the theatre and became involved with Laing's work at Kinglsey Hall and later trained as a Jungian psychoanalyst. In the course of clinical practice - over time - Haynes has moved away from the theoretical position...
Where the Waters Meet. Convergence and Complementarity in Therapy and Theology
Buckley David

Karnac Books
Individual Psychotherapy
Price: £19.99 Si può acquistare direttamente dalla Karnac Booksal prezzo di £18.99 Synopsis"Where the Waters Meet" offers the reader a new way of viewing an old subject. So often psychology and counselling therapies have been, and still are, seen as competitors, or even enemies, vying for supremacy as the true religion. This book invites us to take a fresh look at these two fields, each with their...
When the Body Displaces the Mind. Stress , Trauma and Somatic Disease
Stora Jean Benjamin

Karnac Books
Price: £18.99 Published: 2007 SynopsisCan the mind really generate a physical disease? Conversely, can the body cause mental illness? What do we know today about their interaction? The relations between body and mind are the source of many problems that are currently treated separately by psychoanalysts and doctors because of the compartmentalisation between their disciplines. Despite differences...
What can the matter be? Therapeutic interventions
Emanuel Louise, Bradley Elizabeth (Eds)

Karnac Books
Child and Adolescent Studies
Price: £18.99 Published: 2008 SynopsisThis volume is the result of over twenty years of therapeutic interventions with families within the Tavistock Clinic's Under Fives Service. It describes in detail the process of understanding young children's communications and behaviour and the dynamics of family relationships within the consulting room in a lively, accessible style. It covers common themes...
Welfare attivo. Apprendimento continuo e nuove politiche del lavoro in Europa
Lodigiani Rosangela

edizioni erickson
Psicologia sociale
Il Libro L'occupazione e l'apprendimento continuo sono i pilastri del welfare attivo promosso in sede europea. Un welfare che investe i cittadini della responsabilità del proprio benessere e sostiene le capacità individuali di autoprotezione dai rischi e di risposta ai bisogni. Se il lavoro retribuito è la più efficace strategia di inclusione sociale e di tutela (come nei programmi di welfare to...


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